Another year has now come and gone and on its way out at the time of this writing. I just want to take some time out on the last day of 2015, to thank everyone for their continued support and words of appreciation for what my staff and all the other Baxter County Departments have tried to do in service to you our constituents. I have not forgotten, nor will I, by whose authority and will to whom I and all of us serve. We have worked through another year with the responsibilities under state law, and the revenues you all have provided. It is tough at times to make hard decisions where to place our emphasis of what needs to be done first and so on, but we have done that since as I was reminded when I was first elected, “I volunteered for this duty”! Our budget is within the boundaries that have been set, and we believe that priorities have been met as best they can. More improvements have been made in the operations of all of Baxter County government, and we see the need for more as well as what we can do within budgetary restrictions. I hope that as we close out the year of 2015, to be able to report even more at a later date of at least some of these accomplishments. It is also likely that we will have other reports from other departments and elected officials with not only accomplishments but also needs that still exist.

None of us expected to close out the year with the flooding that has taken place this past week, but it is one of those things that nature throws at us from time to time and we are all very happy it was not cold enough to turn it into snow! I am thankful for a really great staff that attends to the needs of all in the County and the cooperation of other entities, such as our cities, in times like these. I hope to assure you that these fine folks have our best interest at heart and work hard to deal with such possible disasters. My appreciation to them for their dedication to the jobs that need to be done and to all the volunteers that have pitched in to help, especially our Volunteer Fire Departments. They make my job more comfortable with all the assistance they provide.

We have more plans for 2016 that are in the works and will continue our aggressive efforts to improve how this government works, and the improvement of what we are charged to keep maintained. Hopefully we will be able to communicate these things to you all in the near future, even if it is piece meal at times.

But for now, I will say thank you for the prayers, words of encouragement, and criticism that I have received this past year, and I look forward to continue in the New Year serving you and keep us moving forward for better efficiency and application of the responsibilities we all have. So I end these brief comments by wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and stay safe out there. May all of you have a safe and prosperous 2016.

Mickey D Pendergrass
December 31, 2015
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